About Us

WaLSA is an international science team with a focus on wave activities in the lower atmosphere of the Sun. The WaLSA Team was initiated as a result of collaborations of its founding members prior to its official establishment in autumn 2018. See the WaLSA team's rationale for scientific justifications, and the full list of team members here.

In addition to the core members, the science objectives are being fulfilled in collaboration and involvement of other scientists in the field. In particular, a number of associate members, who also play a leading role in WaLSA’s science projects, are being added to the team. Students (in both master and PhD levels) are also being involved in the research. Graduate students and scientists with an interest in the WaLSA-related activities may join the team as affiliate members.

The WaLSA Team meets online on regular basis, but also with a minimum of one face-to-face meeting per year to discuss recent research results, identify challenges related to the team’s scientific objectives, and aid the coordination of team's projects, to name but a few. The kickoff meeting of the WaLSA team took place at the University of Oslo, Norway, during 7-11 January 2019. The team is aiming at continuation of such meetings over the coming years.

The WaLSA Team is open to collaborations with other researchers in the field. Additionally, the team offers supervisions at both undergraduate and graduate levels related to the team’s science activities. Helps to apply for studentships are happily provided. Contacts from researchers and students interested in the team’s activities, as well as from media, schools, and the public relation sectors are mostly welcome.

Kickoff meeting of the WaLSA Team | University of Oslo, Norway (7-11 January 2019)

Second meeting of the WaLSA Team | Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics, Norway (12-16 August 2019)