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Professional Recognition

The WaLSA Team continually seek grants from various international funding agencies to particularly support their face-to-face meetings and finance their research infrastructures. As such, their support depends on recognition of its members, expertise, collaborators, and engagement activities.


If you have engaged with members of the WaLSA team when drafting your publication, or have participated in WaLSA-themed meetings/workshops, then we would be grateful if you could add the following acknowledgement into the relevant section of your paper. This would help ensure all WaLSA-related publications can be advertised on our website to gain more international visibility.

We wish to acknowledge scientific discussions with the Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere (WaLSA; team, which has been supported by the Research Council of Norway (project no. 262622), The Royal Society (award no. Hooke18b/SCTM), and the International Space Science Institute (ISSI Team 502).

Please note that the grants' acknowledgement may change over time, so please always use the latest version from this page.

Talks and Posters

Please add the WaLSA logo to all presentations, posters, and news stories that have benefited, at least in part, from the use of our services, and/or are linked to a WaLSA collaboration.

WaLSA Logo

Feel free to use our logo to publicise the WaLSA-related activities. The following file formats are provided for various purposes. The PDF, EPS, and SVG files are vector images designed for use at any size (the preferred formats). The PNG files are smaller in size and are good options for digital use (e.g., presentations or web). All files are transparent, thus, depending on dark or light backgrounds, either white or black versions of the logo may be used.