Analysis Tools

Open Access

Codes for analysis, simulation, and visualisation

The WaLSA Team is committed to facilitating openness, transparency, and reproducibility of its research. We freely share our codes in an open-access repository on GitHub. The codes are collaboratively being developed and advanced over time. Sharing codes not only make them available to other researchers, but can also give us ideas for improvements.

Programming Languages

Our main programming languages are IDL (Interactive Data Language) and Python. However, well-developed packages in, e.g., Matlab, are also used for particular studies. In addition, some of our simulation/analysis codes are in more general-purpose programming languages, suahc as, C/C++ and Fortran.

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WaLSA Repository

Code Sharing

We share our codes/tools in a public, open access repository on GitHub, a well-known version-control system for tracking changes in source codes over time.

WaLSA Analysis Tools

Please bear with us! The first set of codes is planned to go live in 2023.