Core Members

The WaLSA Team consists of 12 core members from 7 countries, listed below in alphabetic order. The team members hold a wealth of experience in the handling, preparation, and exploitation of high-resolution data sequences from modern ground-based and space-borne solar observatories, as well as in theory and simulations, spectro-polarimetric signatures, and radiative transfer processes. See the team's Scientific Rationale for greater detail.

* Team Coordinators

Associate Members

Associate members are equally involved in the research conducted by the WaLSA Team. The associate members listed below (in alphabetic order) are the first of many envisaged. New associates are expected to join the team in the near future.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are scientists or graduate students with an interest in the WaLSA-related activities. The affiliate members may contribute to the research lead by the core and associate members, or collaborate with the WaLSA Team on their own science projects. Get in Touch if you want to become an affiliate member of the WaLSA Team.