On this page you can find a list of WaLSA-related scientific publications, as follows. Popular and general publications are being listed under the Outreach page.
WaLSA Team

Articles by the WaLSA Team (i.e., as a result of WaLSA Team's discussion / collaboration).

Individual Members

Related articles by the individual WaLSA Team members (ordered by publication date).

Publications by WaLSA Team

The outcome of WaLSA Team's research is being published in relevant refereed journals in the field. We expect that our project has great potential and will have significant impact on astrophysical research. The wave-related publications of the individul WaLSA team members are listed in the following section.

The following terms are being used in any publication (including webpages) of any material based on or developed under the WaLSA Team's collaboration in 2019:

“The authors wish to acknowledge scientific discussions with the Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere (WaLSA; www.walsa.team) team, which is supported by the Research Council of Norway (project number 262622).”

Wave-related Publications by Individual Team Members